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Behind The Keyboard

Originally posted November 7, 2014

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Behind the Keyboard

So, I'm sitting here thinking about the fresh fish tacos I just ate and thought it was time to let you in on a little 'behind the keyboard' action to my writing. In my book, "Telling Hands" I tell the story of my life and through living it, I can tell you I didn't always have the answers; I still don't.

It is true that I couldn't remember some details, or experiences that happened to me. And the storyteller of the book reflects that. Recalling things, and piecing together moments to complete a picture is challenging and can be sometimes messy. I felt it to be insincere to the character Jamie to have her act as if she could easily recall and relay such information, given the fact that she is a reticent character, whom felt lost and broken throughout much of the story. Trying to stay true to her voice, the beginning of the book is more whimsical and nostalgic, then mid-ways through, as Jamie is growing up, the tone becomes more serious. The book lets you in on some of Jamie's thoughts and reasoning, displaying the characteristics of an introvert and ends with a culmination of being overwhelmed and empowered by self-realization and acceptance.

There are many topics that I chose to touch on, and not explore completely as I felt they would distract from the internal struggle that Jamie details. I recommend reading the book when you have time to think about it and truly absorb the words. I like reading books best that make me think about things afterwards, like who we really are, why we are that way, or other great questions about life.

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