17 Insane Items You Can Buy From The "Chinese eBay"

    Taobao is China's biggest online retailer, and is one of the most-visited sites in the world. You can buy anything from fishing bait to dog clothes to sex toys to botox equipment there, with a product count of around 760 million. Here are the most insane things I came across.

    1. A disturbing ‘face slimmer’.

    2. An unfortunately-named postcard set.

    3. The latest in snail mucus cosmetics.

    4. Ridiculously cutesy bear pyjamas.

    5. A stylish trousers and top combo for your dog...

    6. …And a dungarees and t-shirt outfit too.

    7. A super-cool safari-style cat jumper.

    8. ‘Whitening’ face-lift oil.

    Sadly, skin whitening products are still popular among the Chinese, with the makers of this one claiming it has the same effect as botox too. The plastic sheen of this model’s face is testament to that aspect, at least.

    9. This creepily crinkly baby doll.

    10. Some NSFW (or just plain confusing) tops.

    11. Tom Cruise's head…

    12. …And Bruce Willis' head too.

    13. A fun novelty blood transfusion kit.

    14. This huge scythe and matching ‘battle suit’.

    15. Some pills to make your penis 'improve'.

    16. The David ‘Bickham’ sex doll.

    Let's look at the full body view.

    It's slightly less sexy before inflation.

    17. And finally... this inexplicable ginger-haired sex toy.