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    There Is A "Sherlock"-Themed Café In Shanghai

    It’s basically a shrine to Benedict Cumberbatch, who is absolutely massive in China.

    At first glance it just looks pretty much like a standard English-style coffee shop.

    Well, one with Post-It notes featuring Sherlock plot-lines adorning the walls.

    And a special message written across the middle of the menus.

    But then you look a little closer and realise that Benedict, and to a lesser extent Martin Freeman, is everywhere.

    The Chinese just love Sherlock. The first episode of the new series got three million views overnight when it launched in January on the Youku video site. Meanwhile, fans have been posting fan fiction online and musing on a theory that Sherlock and Watson are gay lovers.

    You can't escape his gaze.

    There are oil paintings of his face.

    And one of him playing the violin.

    And some more of him next to Watson.

    The Chinese refer to Sherlock and Watson as 'Curly Fu' and 'Peanut', as these monikers resemble the Chinese pronunciation of their names.

    And an anime-style version of him on the chalkboard.

    You can buy loads of Benedict tat, too. Like this phone cover, featuring him dressed like a historical military type (we’re not sure why).

    And this model set.

    These pin character things.

    Oh, and a hanky featuring a picture of Benedict with a massive pair of wings.

    And not forgetting the ‘I am SHER-locked’ anti-pollution mask.

    Or you could just take a selfie while wearing a deerstalker hat (provided).

    Meanwhile poor old Robert Downey Jr, who played Holmes on the big screen, just gets this one portrait.

    One thing is confusing, however. Why the heck can you buy a notebook with Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory on it here?

    But keep believing!

    Fancy going there yourself? It's called 221B Baker Street (but is found at 50 Ruijin Er Lu).