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There's An Amazing Real-Life Version Of The "Friends" Cafe In Beijing

Chinese fans flock to the replica café to eat "Ross cupcakes", stroke a real-life smelly cat, and relax in a knock-off version of Joey and Chandler’s apartment next door.

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All the staff members adopt names of the show's characters. Here’s the business card for the sister branch in Shanghai, along with the staffers’ English language names.


The café guestbook is an interesting read. Some of the messages are very sweet.

Jamie Fullerton/BuzzFeed

This reads: “We are finally here! After twists and turns, we finally found this place. So exciting! We have seen Friends for four times. The whole season! Super! Four times! Since I can’t go to America, here is the perfect place for me to get a little bit closer to America. 2013 > June > summer my friend WJ will go to England! Wish her the best and have a nice trip! Aviva & Dolphin.”

Some of them are hugely poignant.

Jamie Fullerton/BuzzFeed

This reads: “Phoebe: you cannot save all the Christmas trees, but you can save the young and the old for Monica! I love you! Lena.”

Some of them are depressingly pessimistic.

Jamie Fullerton

This reads: “Dream came true finally. First got in touch with Friends in freshman year, since then I just couldn’t help myself falling in love with the six great guys – esp. R&R. Actually I had a crush on Ross, maybe I like man like him, but I know I’ll never find a guy like him. Who’s the man worth waiting for… Ruby.”


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