News Shopper Is The Greatest, Most WTF Local News Site In Existence

    When herons visit KFC, dinosaurs go to shopping centres and people are forced to live with rotting pears in front of their houses, News Shopper's reporters are always there.

    News Shopper is a newspaper and website covering south east London and north west Kent.

    Its reporters have been breaking a few big exclusives recently.

    They always get to grips with big local murder cases.

    But some of the less earth-shaking stories have earned News Shopper a cult following outside its patch.

    Such as the time they ran a photo gallery of a heron going fairly near a KFC.

    Or when they reported on this rudely-shaped carrot.

    In 2006 they they reported on Jesus' face appearing in an asparagus plant.

    Oh, and we almost forgot the "mystery" of this mushroom.

    It isn't all stories about mis-shapen fruit and veg, though. There is a lot of fox news.

    Foxes are featured a lot on News Shopper.

    A heck of a lot of fox news.

    So much fox news.

    Away from foxes, the "grim discovery" of some old metal and rope cause a few shockwaves.

    And back in 2003 they broke the news about a Bromley woman in contact with aliens who gave her orgasms.

    Here's that heron again.

    It can be a dirty job working there, sometimes.

    But I wish every local newspaper and website could be more like News Shopper.

    Never change, News Shopper. Never change.

    An earlier version of this article contained an inaccurate photo credit. H/T Paulr4265f2f61.