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12 Jaw-Droppingly Bizarre Places To Eat In Shanghai

From the backstreet sheep penis restaurant to the cat café, Shanghai is full of oddball eateries.

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1. The charming toilet-themed café.

Jamie Fullerton/BuzzFeed

More Than Toilet originated in Taiwan and opened in Shanghai in 2012. These squat toilet-style bowls are a highlight. Find it here.

2. Or try the mildly creepy maid café.

Jamie Fullerton/BuzzFeed

There are many maid-themed cafés in Shanghai – although it’s a Japanese concept. The food is largely terrible. Find it here.

3. The café where you can have your own teddy bear picnic.

Jamie Fullerton/BuzzFeed

Another fast-rising eatery trend in the city, teddy cafés let you eat surrounded by furry friends. This one is in Pudong. Find it here.

5. Then there’s the cat café (of course).

Jamie Fullerton/BuzzFeed

These are cropping up everywhere in Shanghai. This one, on Taikang Lu, gets extra points because the mogs are almost always wearing clothes and because the staff deliver a feline to your table as soon as you sit down. God bless Chinese health and safety standards! Find it here.

6. The primary school-themed café is affordable and fun.

cityweekend.com.cn / Via City Weekend

Hope Primary School serves up food on school lunch-style trays and you order by filling in an exam sheet. Find it here.

12. Or, if you really insist, have a sheep penis and testicle.

shanghaiist.com / Via Shanghaiist

The Zhenru Yangrou Guan restaurant specialises in such fare. It costs around £7.60 per ball (served cold). The penis, meanwhile, costs around £7.80 and is challengingly rubbery. Find it here. Enjoy!

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