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    12 Jaw-Droppingly Bizarre Places To Eat In Shanghai

    From the backstreet sheep penis restaurant to the cat café, Shanghai is full of oddball eateries.

    1. The charming toilet-themed café.

    The ice cream is extremely popular there.

    The walls are adorned with classy golden urinals.

    There are good old-fashioned golden western-style toilets too.

    You can take a nugget home from the gift section.

    2. Or try the mildly creepy maid café.

    3. The café where you can have your own teddy bear picnic.

    They’ve even got bears on staff.

    And rather scary pictures of them on the walls.

    Some of the teddies are depicting religious figures, for some reason.

    If you go for one of the private rooms you can observe this Last Supper-style masterpiece.

    4. There’s this coffee shop inspired by Mr Bean.

    Mr Bean is so big here, fans leave tributes on the coffee shop wall…

    …Where there is also a picture of him as the Mona Lisa.

    5. Then there’s the cat café (of course).

    Come on mate, at least put a coat on or something.

    6. The primary school-themed café is affordable and fun.

    7. How about the Sherlock-themed café?

    You can’t look anywhere without seeing Benedict Cumberbatch’s face.

    8. A390, the aeroplane-themed restaurant, serves food even better than your average real airline meal.

    9. If you don’t want a theme place you can pick up a starfish on a stick.

    10. The bee, grasshopper, and grub platter is always a winner.

    11. Or perhaps the live shrimp?

    12. Or, if you really insist, have a sheep penis and testicle.