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Why Books Are Better Than Significant Others

But will a boyfriend/girlfriend say romantic things and save the world from impending evil? I think not.

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They are cheaper


Relationships are expensive. There are dates, presents, vacations, and more to pay for. It is such as hassle. But books, they are less expensive and will last longer than that pair of shoes you gave your significant other last Christmas.

They take you to fantastic places


I think just about everyone would rather be reading and imagining themselves on a remote island or at Hogwarts or in a beautiful loft apartment in NYC with a view. Books can offer that. Boyfriends/girlfriends will probably take you to that Olive Garden around the corner. Clearly the former is the winner.

Books don't care what you look like


My new novel doesn't give a shit if I have no make up and no bra on. They don't expect me to look presentable and put together. They're always there, in good times and in bad.

Fictional people are just better


Characters in books are just better than people in real life. Their presence will cause you much less stress and help you to be an all around better person than the annoyance of real people. I actually have the issue now that I compare all of the real people I meet to fictional is actually a problem.

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