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The Evolution Of Harry Styles' Hair

It is like a fine wine, only getting better with age.

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Post-X Factor

Columbia Records / Via

Here is Harry from the "What Makes You Beautiful" video in 2011. As time went on, his tame curls became wild and unruly. This was the start of teenage girls daydreaming about this hair.

Wet n' Wild

MTV / Via

2012 also brought a wet Harry hairdo. In the "Live While We're Young" video, we get both dry and wet hair. And we are definitely #blessed that he decided to wear a white shirt during the wet portion.

High Hair, Low V


Honestly, 2013 was a glorious year for Harry. Here, we have his high hair that is pushed back to show more of his face, and we see the start of his low cut shirts. We are all thankful for this.

More headbands


This past year also brought an assortment of headbands. It seemed that as the year progressed, the headbands got thicker to tame that long and luscious hair. He can rock a headband better than most girls, and I think we are all pretty jealous.

Long and Lush


Harry decided to put his hair in the hands of God and let it go au naturale. We see his long curls flowing in the wind and letting loose, just like inhibitions of teenage girls writing fan fiction on Tumblr.

Date Night Harry


Lastly, we have Harry in the "Night Changes" video. Clearly, this is what he would look like on a date with you. Those long locks are flowing as he pulls you around the ice skating rink, just like he pulls at your heart strings.

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