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43 Reasons "Home Alone" Is The Worst Christmas Movie Ever

Worst. Holiday. Movie. Ever.

1. Everyone in the family is a dick.

2. Buzz literally compares Kevin to a fungus.

3. The pizza guy just stands there waiting for money and no one makes a move to pay? Rude AF.

4. Why is everyone shocked that Kevin doesn't want to sleep in a bed with a kid that pees himself?

5. They let a teenager count heads and that is the only time they made sure everyone was there? A+ parenting.

6. You definitely can't just walk into the airplane without showing tickets and you also have to be a few hours early to an international flight.

7. The aunt and uncle are trying to steal champagne flutes. Those are very breakable.

8. Shouldn't there be at least one adult with the kids in coach? Like, there are some pretty small children all alone back there for a long ass flight.

9. Kevin asks which toothbrush is approved by the Dental Association. Who gives a fuck? Definitely not an eight-year-old.

10. Why is he so afraid of a furnace? A FURNACE?

11. "Wet Bandits" is an awful name for burglars.

12. Those shadow people would never work.

13. Why don't the police keep trying at the house? Like he would answer during the day.

14. That creepy neighbor is bound to save the day. Same old story.

15. Buzz says he doesn't care that Kevin is by himself. Worst brother ever.

16. Uncle Frank is a dick and doesn't care about Kevin, he is just having the time of his life eating in France.

17. Actually, everyone in the family is still an asshole.

18. He scares the shit out of the pizza guy. He did nothing wrong. Stop being rude, Kevin.

19. Kevin is grocery shopping on his own. I still call my mom to ask her where things should be. This is bullshit.

20. He does his own laundry? I have trouble deciphering my lights from my darks.

21. Firecrackers contained in a pot. Not a hazard at all.

22. No one recognizes a polka band.

23. There are random men sleeping in a van in an upscale neighborhood. Definitely not a red flag.

24. Kevin cannot cut down a tree. I refuse to believe that.

25. I think I would rather leave my kid home alone than sit in a truck with people playing polka music for hours.

26. Kevin is so creepy. He just stands at other houses watching families celebrate.

27. Kevin goes to a church. Why? What is the purpose?

28. Creepy neighbor who will obviously save the day has to prove he isn't creepy.

29. "This is my house, I have to defend it." Shut up, Kevin. You are eight.

30. No kid could ever pull off these pranks. Not many adults could pull these off either.

31. Kevin makes delicious looking Mac & Cheese just in time for the burglars to arrive WHEN THEY SAID THEY WOULD.

32. Any normal person would leave the damn house.

33. Kevin could have immediately called 911 and saved a lot of time.

34. So. Many. Fire. Hazards.

35. No way Kevin can anticipate that the burglar who has no shoes on will enter through the window.

36. What an unsafe zipline. It literally uses a bike handle.

37. Of course the creepy neighbor saves the day. Same old story.

38. But of course, the creepy man or police don't care about Kevin still being alone.

39. "I'm a bad parent." Yes, you are. You literally forgot your child.

40. *Wakes up on Christmas and family isn't home* Santa isn't real.

41. It took the same amount of time for the mom to get home as the rest of the family. What an idiot.

42. Still don't get how you forget a child on a vacation. Grocery store, yes. Another country? No.

43. The same thing happens again in New York for the sequel. WHY?!?!

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