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30 Things That Need To Be Addressed In The "Full House" Sequel Series

If Netflix does decide to make "Fuller House" thing, these things need to be answered.

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1. Did Michele ever go back to horse riding?

2. Whatever happened to Cindy and Rusty?

3. And did Rusty ever get over being a dick?

4. Is Martin the fish still alive? What about his replacements?

5. How is Walter Duckface doing?

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6. What is Mr. Bear up to?

7. How about DJ's pillow person?

8. Is Joey's mom still playing Goofy?

9. What school did DJ go to?

10. What type of cons is Stavros pulling right now?

11. Did Dwayne ever get to flaunt his Shakespeare knowledge?

12. Does Michele ever learn how to pronounce ice cream correctly?

13. How much of Uncle Jesse's hair has fallen out?

14. Is Ranger Joe still on TV?

15. What happened to Rigby the Rhino?

16. Did Jesse ever get his blood pressure in check?

17. Did Comet ever find the dog he ran away with?

18. Is Comet still alive?

19. Did 9 people really fit in that house?

20. Where are Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets today (mostly just Viper)?

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21. What is going on with the rest of the Rippers?

22. Is the Smash Club still open?

23. How is Steve doing?

24. Did Howie (Becky's nephew) and Michele keep contact?

25. Has Danny ever found out about the hole in the wall?

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26. Did Gia ever graduate?

27. What are the twins up to?

28. How old are the twins?

29. Did Kimmy ever learn to knock?

30. Is "Wake Up, San Fransisco" still happening?

Warner Bros. / Via

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