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    Here Are 11 Ways To Relive Your Past Travels While You're Stuck In Quarantine

    Because when there are travel bans across the world, the safest trip you can take is down memory lane.

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    As frustrating as travel restrictions are, staying home and social distancing is something we can all do to help save lives. But if you're spending your time in quarantine wistfully scrolling through your camera roll, pining for the tropical sunsets and European cafés of yesterday, you're not alone.


    Try some of these creative strategies to relive your past travels and take a trip down memory lane.

    1. Invite your travel buddies to video chat.

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    Now that we're all stuck inside, it's time to get the gang back together! If there's one trip that was made all the better by the people you were there with, fire up the group text and try to get everyone together again. Your travel mishaps are sure to seem hilarious now and someone may even remind you of stories you'd forgotten about.

    2. Declutter and organize your travel photos.


    Okay, enough scrolling! Now's the time to start organizing the hundreds of photos you've got taking up precious storage space. And there's probably a lot you can delete too. That blurry selfie with your face barely in the frame, and that picture of your wine glass in a dark restaurant? Those can definitely go.

    3. Use your fave pics to design and print your own photo album.


    Your really good travel photos deserve to live somewhere other than your Instagram feed, so use an online printing service like Artifact Uprising or the Google Print Store to design your own professionally printed photo book. They're perfect for displaying on your coffee table, or if the photos are truly art-worthy, you can order some large prints to frame and hang. It's always a good idea to have a physical copy of your favorite photos...just in case your computer melts down.

    4. Take a travel photo you love and try drawing it.

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    No need to be a master artist to try this one. Simply break out that sketch pad and do your best to recreate any image you choose, whether that's a landscape or a busy street scene. Drawing will help you meditate on that moment and may even bring back moments you haven't thought about since!

    5. Try to recreate a favorite meal from your trip.


    You can find a recipe for just about anything online, so if you're dreaming about Spain, try learning how to make paella! Take advantage of being stuck at home to perfect your cooking skills and your dish will be ready to blow minds (as soon as we're allowed to have dinner parties again).

    6. Order your favorite international snacks online.


    Those addictive snacks you thought you could only get in Japan? Those perfect biscuits from Australia you've struggled to describe since you got home? You might not have to wait until the travel bans are over to get your hands on them again — places like World Market and other boutique sites have a decent range of snacks available. You could have been eating them this whole time!

    7. Use an editing app to make a mash-up video of your trip. / Via

    If you're a less-than-casual video editor, check out the app 1 Second Everyday. You can use the app to organize your camera roll by date and select a one-second clip for each day of the year. From this, you can quickly create compilation vids of your year or a specific trip.

    8. Retrace your footsteps on Google Maps.


    You might not be able to get on a plane right now, but you can still zoom around the world on the map tab. Using Google Street View, try retracing a common route you took when you were abroad, or pick a hotel from one of your past trips and see if you can remember how to make your way to that city's most famous landmark.

    9. Write down any new memories that pop up.


    If you've followed some of these tips, you may have a lot of old memories flooding in, so write them down! And yes, it's okay to get a bit sappy. Quarantine is a great time to look back, be grateful, and reflect on how you have (or haven't) changed and how you might react differently to certain situations now.

    10. Start planning your next trip.

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    Whether all this reminiscing inspires you to return to the place that stole your heart or motivates you to finally visit your dream destination, now is the time to start planning. Maybe you can't nail down dates quite yet, but there's more than enough travel inspiration online so you can get a head start on research so as soon as the bans lift, you'll be ready to go.

    Some hotels are even selling gift cards that increase in value over time, so you might be able to get a better deal if you plan ahead.

    11. Brush up on your language skills.

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    Did it take your trip to France for you to realize that you retained nothing from high school? If you're planning a trip back, or if you're determined not to make the same mistake on your post-quarantine trip to Mexico, it's time to start studying. Duolingo is a fun language app that is easy to use and allows you to set reminders and goals (it also has podcasts that are really helpful for boosting your listening skills). If you're super serious, check out one of Rosetta Stone's intensive courses.

    How are you keeping your travel dreams alive while staying home? Tell us in the comments!

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