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32 Foolproof Procrastination Methods For Finals Week

As long as it's "productive" it can't be procrastination, right?

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2. Spend another 30-45 minutes perfecting this to-do list and making it look as perfect and beautiful as possible.

7. Your belly's full and (after 3 episodes) you've reached a cliffhanger-less stopping point!

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On a normal day, you could probably fit in 3 or 4 more episodes of Doctor Who...but this is Finals Week! You've gotta persevere!

8. Now that you're back to studying, make sure you pick out the best pen or pencil to write with.

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This is very important. So you should probably test every pencil you own.

12. Which makes you wonder about germs and bacteria in general...

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You've never been interested in microbiology before, but it all seems very fascinating now. To the internet!

23. Wait, what happened to all your index cards?

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Guess you're gonna have to actually get dressed, go to the store, and buy more index cards....why do bad things always happen to good people?

24. If you have to go out, you might as well look good. Maybe you should try out one of those makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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You may think otherwise, but this doesn't just apply to girls. All genders deserve to look fabulous for their trip to the office supplies store!

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