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32 Foolproof Procrastination Methods For Finals Week

As long as it's "productive" it can't be procrastination, right?

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1. Make a to-do list of study tasks to accomplish.

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Because that's a very important part of your productivity.

2. Spend another 30-45 minutes perfecting this to-do list and making it look as perfect and beautiful as possible.

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If it's pretty and colorful, then you will want to look at it!

3. Realize you have a skill in calligraphy/art/doodling, so take some time to hone that skill.

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Because that definitely does not count as procrastination.

4. All this honing of skills has made you a little hungry, so maybe you should make a snack.

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Hey, starving yourself is not gonna help anyone, right?

5. But you are pretty hungry, so maybe you should make a full meal.

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You should probably go search FoodGawker or Pinterest for some inspiration!

6. Ok, you've made your meal and sat down to study...but you probably can't eat and study at the same time...

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So maybe you should just watch a little Netflix...

7. Your belly's full and (after 3 episodes) you've reached a cliffhanger-less stopping point!

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On a normal day, you could probably fit in 3 or 4 more episodes of Doctor Who...but this is Finals Week! You've gotta persevere!

8. Now that you're back to studying, make sure you pick out the best pen or pencil to write with.

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This is very important. So you should probably test every pencil you own.

9. You then realize that your backpack/desk/room is kind of messy and you should probably clean it.

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Really, though...what would your mother say?

10. If you think about it, it's really not procrastination if you're doing something productive...right?

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You've been meaning to clean your room for a while!

11. And you know what, why stop there? You can clean so much more!

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Your cellphone, your keyboard, your pencils.....

12. Which makes you wonder about germs and bacteria in general...

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You've never been interested in microbiology before, but it all seems very fascinating now. To the internet!

13. And you know what's really interesting? Outer space, that's what.

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You should probably go watch some Cosmos while you're at it. Ooo, or more Doctor Who!

14. Wow, you have so much knowledge now! You should probably put it to good use....

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If you got it, flaunt it!

15. playing some sort of trivia game!

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Or you can just play all of them...

16. Crossword, sudoku, or nonogram puzzles are also suitable options.

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What are nonograms? I'm glad you asked!

You're welcome.

17. Phew! You just used a ton of brain power! You probably deserve a break.

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But just a short one. You've got a schedule to keep!

18. (2 hours later) Ok, break time over! Let's get to some researching!

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I should probably start with Wikipedia. You know, just for basic information.

19. Hmm, I don't really know the definition to that word. I should probably look it up.

Showtime / Via did I get here?

20. Hey, did you know that every article in Wikipedia eventually leads to the Philosophy page? Try it!

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You should play The Wiki Game while you're at it!

21. Or that you can go look at/play with all the old Google doodles?

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Now you can play Google PacMan whenever you want!

22. No! Bad student! Stop procrastinating and get to studying!

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Maybe you should start with some flashcards.

23. Wait, what happened to all your index cards?

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Guess you're gonna have to actually get dressed, go to the store, and buy more index cards....why do bad things always happen to good people?

24. If you have to go out, you might as well look good. Maybe you should try out one of those makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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You may think otherwise, but this doesn't just apply to girls. All genders deserve to look fabulous for their trip to the office supplies store!

25. You should probably do your hair too. You even bookmarked that one Buzzfeed article for ideas!

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This is obviously the best time to try some of those styles out!

26. Ok, office supplies time. Remember, you're here for index cards only---Ooo! Look at all the cute post-it notes!!

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27. You know what would definitely get you in the mood for studying? Ice cream.

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You're out anyway. Why not pick some up on the way home?

28. Ok, you're finally ready. Time to study!

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29. But....maybe you should check Buzzfeed first!

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Yes, that will definitely make studying easier!

30. Sure, you've read a bunch of Buzzfeed articles. But guess what you haven't done yet: write one!

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You're suddenly really motivated to do so.

31. You could even write an article about how to study for finals.

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Because you're obviously really good at that!

32. Just make sure to put off actually writing and/or finishing it for another 2 weeks.

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Not that I'm guilty of that or anything...

So take my advice, kids.

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I'm the Grandmother Willow of studying advice.

Do as I say, not as I do.

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Trust me, I have experience.

Don't put off studying until the last minute.

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I know everyone says this, but you WILL REGRET IT!!!

Because you want those brag-worthy grades, right?

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Come on, you know you do.

Now go forth and study!

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It'll all be over soon!

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