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    • JuichiXI

      I agree that if a woman isn’t interested then she shouldn’t let the man pay for her. However, some men insist on paying. I agree that if a guy asks a girl out to a specific place then he should be willing to pay if the girl doesn’t offer. If the girl offers, she shouldn’t expect the man to pick up the tab. Sometimes a woman is interested or is unsure how she feels. You can meet someone and be interested in them, but not sure if you could really be with them. If you’ve been single for a while you’re sometimes more willing to give people second chances. Classic dates are great if you’ve already met and you want to impress a woman. Some women prefer these. I agree that I would much rather go to an arcade or bowling. However classic dates are a good chance to impress someone and get to know them. On the topic, there are many nice guys out there. However there are also guys that think they are nice. I think it’s wrong that we can say there’s no nice guys and there’s no such thing as geek girls. Sounds like the man hating woman’s club.

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