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    31 Things From Target That’ll Make You Want To Show Off Your Living Room

    From gloomy to va-va-voomy in no time.

    1. A TV stand that proves a trendy, mid-century modern piece can also have a fun, boho vibe. Store your books, entertainment system, and gaming consoles in the cabinets, display decorative accents on the shelves, *and* place your TV atop to complete the look.

    A brown/white tv stand with 2 cabinets and 2 shelves

    2. An opulent coffee table so you can eat your takeout dinner while you watch the latest episode of Ted Lasso. This table would look fab over a vibrant, intricate area rug — plus, you can display your fav books and accent pieces on the shelf below to personalize your space.

    A satin gold/glass, round coffee table in a living room

    3. A funky, fur ottoman for those looking to add a dash of glam to their living room. Soft and luxurious to the touch, this piece serves as a foot rest, extra seating, or just a super cute accent.

    A white, fur, round ottoman with gold legs in a living room

    4. A luxurious sofa that'll immediately elevate the look and comfort of your living room. It adds a vintage vibe, a touch of texture, and pairs wonderfully with brass accents.

    5. A tufted ottoman because every living room deserves an eye-catching centerpiece. Place a charcuterie tray atop to *wow* your guests at your next wine-and-cheese night. Throw your feet up afterward when you're ready to just chill out.

    A fuchsia, square, tufted ottoman with a decorative tray atop

    6. A bookshelf because whether your living room is industrial-style or modern-minimalist, these shelves are ideal for holding books, planters, vases, and other decor. Small footprint, ample storage.

    A metal/driftwood, 5-tier bookshelf filled with books, vases, and other decorative pieces

    7. A fluffy pouf to act as a stand-in coffee table, foot rest, or extra seating. It comes in a variety of dazzling colors and patterns, so you may want to grab more than one.

    A textured, blush/maroon/white ottoman pouf with tassles in front of a sofa

    8. A striking accent table that's certain to be the first thing your guests lock eyes with. Be prepared for all the compliments about your knack for interior design by adding this side table to your decor.

    A brass, drum accent table aside an accent chair

    9. A cute lamp that will radiate a soft, warm glow throughout your space. It comes in a variety of adorable, color-block patterns to match any living room aesthetic.

    A olive/cream, ceramic table lamp with a white shade

    10. A lovely loveseat for you and your S.O. to spoon on during a marathon of Love Island. Customers are raving about how comfortable this modern, mid-century sofa is.

    A mid-century modern, muted blue, loveseat with a throw pillow atop

    11. An area rug that's so beautiful, you won't want to cover it with just any ol' coffee table. Tip: Try using a glass table so you don't hide the rug's unique, abstract design.

    A gray/orange/pink/blue, rectangular area rug in a living room

    12. A throw pillow because it only takes one to completely elevate the look of a sofa or accent chair. Whether you're trying to add a colorful flair, a bit of texture, or extra lumbar support, this throw has your covered.

    Three tufted, geometric lumber throw pillows on a bench

    13. A hanging succulent so you can liven up your living room without taking up any precious floor or shelf space. Place it next to a framed canvas or a gallery of photos to add some dimension to your wall decor.

    A black/white speckled, wall-mounted succulent displayed over a table

    14. A set of three decorative enamel trays because your Insta-worthy decor should be displayed in style. These trays are as versatile as they are chic. Use them to to hold decorative items like candles and vases or to organize small home essentials like keys, mail and beauty products.

    A set of 3 (pink/grey/blue), wood enamel serving trays with gold handles on a coffee table

    15. A set of seven black gallery frames so you can customize the arrangement of photos and artwork displayed on your walls. Tip: Change the photos/art in your personal gallery when you feel like switching up the aesthetic of your living room.

    A set of 7, black frames hanging on a wall with a chair and planter in front

    16. A dazzling wall mirror that's as functional as it is elegant. The petal-like, gold accent adds an unparalleled charm to this piece. Use it to brighten up your space or to just check yourself out (P.S. you look gooood).

    A gold, flower petal shaped, wall mirror displayed above a table with flowers, vases, and a rotary phone atop

    17. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper for those who want to give their living room a fresh, new feel without opening up a can of paint. This wall covering is a breeze to apply *and* remove.

    A blue/gold, chevron peel & stick wallpaper on the wall of a living room

    18. A decorative wall shelf to add some much-valued storage space to your living room without compromising style. This industrial accent shelf is ideal for storing books, sculptures, plants, candles, frames, and knickknacks.

    A circular, metallic grey, industrial wall shelf filled with books, frames, candles, and other decor

    19. A hanging, macrame chair because couches, loveseats, and accent chairs aren't the only places in your living room to curl up and watch your binge-worthy shows. It's the perfect spot to swing, relax, or take a nap.

    A beige, hanging, macrame swing chair in a living room with throw pillows atop

    20. A geometric lamp because every side table needs a captivating lamp. Simply turn the light on and pull your accent chair over to create the optimal reading nook.

    A brass, geometric accent lamp with a marble base

    21. A furry throw blanket to snuggle in after all your WFH Zoom calls. It comes in so many pretty colors, you might want to add a few to your cart.

    One ivory, one teal, and one lavender fur throw blanket atop a couch

    22. A set of string lights that'll give your tired living room wall a much-needed, creative and enchanting ~glow~ up.

    LED string lights hanging on the wall in a living room with an accent couch and planter in front

    23. A set of framed canvases to add a flash of abstract color to your living room. These artworks would look great above an accent cabinet or bar cart.

    the two abstract canvas prints side by side featuring colors like gray, tan, white and mustard

    24. A modern area rug that'll immediately boost some cozy vibes into your space. It'll add a fun pattern to your living room floor without overpowering the furniture.

    A cream/navy, abstract, geometric, rectangular area rug

    25. A speckled ceramic candle so your new living room not only looks good, but smells fantastic as well. This birch-and-amber-scented candle will create a lovely and warm ambience in your space.

    A cream/speckled, ceramic candle with 3 wicks

    26. A wall sculpture that'll, without a doubt, be a conversation starter at all of your house parties. Tip: Place this piece between the frames of your gallery wall.

    A gold, decorative art sculpture

    27. A chevron throw pillow to add a welcoming feel to your sofa or accent chair. Mix some of these throws in with your lumbar pillows to add a variety of colors and textures to your aesthetic.

    A variety of chevron throw pillows in different colors on a sofa and rug in a living room

    28. A decorative basket so you can declutter your living room in style. Toss in your blankets, pillows, toys, and craft supplies.

    A black, decorative coiled rope basket filled with blankets and a pillow

    29. A ceramic planter that's perfect for showing off your green thumb. House your plants, faux or real, in a sleek and modern way.

    A white, ceramic planter on a black, metal stand

    30. A storage cabinet for displaying books, antiques, dishes, and other decorative items under your new wall canvases. Adorn the top with planters, frames, vases, and candles.

    A brown, 2 glass doored storage cabinet next to an accent chair in a living room

    31. A brass tripod floor lamp that's serving some serious minimalist vibes. It's space-conscious, timeless in style, and just the thing you need to brighten up your living room.

    A brass, tripod floor lamp with a white shade next to an accent chair

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