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    "The End Of Us" Trailer Just Came Out, And It's The Rom-Com You Need This Cuffing Season

    The all-too-real quarantine breakup story.

    Most relationships end in one of two ways: Happily ever after or heartbreak. In romantic flicks, we're often served up the former, watching on with glee as the two lovers ride off into the sunset together.

    If you've been hanging on for a more realistic portrayal of a true modern love story, then get ready for The End of Us, a new indie film that takes a raw, unapologetic, and hilarious look at the realities of love during the pandemic.

    And The End of Us trailer is here just in time for cuffing you can maybe feel a little better about spending the holidays alone.

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    Ok, so: Imagine your last breakup. Now, imagine not being able to move on from your ex because you live together and there’s nowhere else to go. That's exactly the reality in which Leah and Nick find themselves in The End of Us — which sees them break up at the start of COVID-19, but remain living together because of stay-at-home orders and the fact that Nick has all of $12 to his name.

    Nick, unemployed, is a struggling actor trying to land roles so he can pay his way out of the house.

    Leah, meanwhile, is overanalyzing every symptom she has in an attempt to diagnose whether she's caught COVID — all while trying to move on from her ex-turned-roommate.

    We're teased with the appearance of a new potential love interest in Leah's life — and, of course, the added tension of the iconic movie love triangle.

    But with this new man in the picture, where does that leave Leah and Nick? 🥺🥺🥺

    Are they broken up for good? Or will their unique pandemic-roommate-situation bring them back together?

    We'll have to wait to find out how it all ends — and you better believe we'll be counting down the days.

    The film premiered at SXSW earlier this year, and now you can catch it in select theaters on Dec 3. It will also be available for download on Dec 7, so go pre-order it now!

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