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    31 Problem-Solving Products From Target For People Whose Pets Have Endless Energy

    Including treat-dispensing toys, yummy calming chews, floating fetch toys, and other products you'll be absolutely mutts about.

    1. A reflective harness to assist with training or leash-pulling on morning hikes with your loyal sidekick.

    A doodle wearing a pink reflective harness attached to a leash

    2. A motion-sensor toy that'll do a fur-bulous job of keeping your kitty entertained and active for hours. It's designed with four speeds to fulfill your cat's innate impulse to hunt mice.

    the motion sensor toy

    3. A treat dispensing toy so engaging and challenging, your pup will immediately lose interest in destroying your furniture. It increases physical and mental stimulation, and provides controlled, positive reinforcement.

    4. A motion-sensor wand that'll entice your cat to leap, pounce, and catch. They might need a catnap afterwards.

    A kitten playing with a motion-sensor wand toy

    5. A busy bone for teething pups, doggos who relieve their anxiety by chewing, and those who need to slow down their eating.

    A pack of long-lasting dog bones

    6. A pack of calming chews because your energetic pup might need help relaxing during car rides, thunderstorms, or when you leave them with the dog-sitter.

    A dog with a pack of calming bites

    7. A chew toy that can be filled with kibble, treats, or covered in peanut butter to make mealtime more exciting. Tip: cover it in PB then place in the freezer to make it more challenging for your pup to get their award.

    A dog playing with a blue, chew king treater toy

    8. A goldfish tunnel to run circles through, play a game of hide-and-go-seek in, or just take a cozy nap in. I mean, you've gotta be kitten me...this is just so cute.

    A cat inside a goldfish tunnel toy

    9. An automatic cat toy that'll have your kitten feeling like they have a furry friend to play with when you're away.

    An automatic cat toy with a wagging fox tail

    10. A three layer ball track toy, so you never have to look for another lost ball again. Whether you're a one or multi-cat household, this game will keep your furry friend(s) active and happy.

    11. An activity box that's basically a Bop-It for your cat. Watch your furry friend pull it, flick it, and slide it to find hidden treats.

    A cat playing with a poker box to retrieve treats

    12. A scratching tunnel, because it's time to give your couch legs a break. This will definitely relieve both yours and your cats stress.

    A cat lying in a cat scratching tunnel

    13. A playground that'll quickly become your cats favorite spot in the house. It can be used to jump from perch to perch, scratch the posts, climb the ladders, nap in the hammock, and release any stored up energy.

    Two cats playing in a cat playground

    14. A treat-dispensing puzzle because rewarding your bestie with a tasty treat while they keep themselves busy with a fun and tricky game is *paw-tastic.*

    A dog playing with a puzzle game to retrieve treats

    15. An adorable interactive toy that you can use to play hide-and-go seek with your pup. Stuff the hedgehogs into the log and watch your pup tug, nuzzle, and dig them out.

    A hedgehog hide-and-go-seek dog toy

    16. A cuddly bed because your bestie is gonna need a plush spot to catch some Z's in after all the running around.

    A dog lying in a grey calming cuddle donut bed

    17. A floating disc toy for an exciting game of fetch on the beach or at the lake.

    A dog carrying a green disc toy

    18. A slow-eater maze bowl to encourage healthy eating habits for dogs who tend to inhale their food.

    A black, slow eat maze dog bowl

    19. A licking mat that'll keep your bouncy cat busy while you brush them or clip their nails.

    A cat licking food off a a green licking mat

    20. A pack of cat calming chews for the overactive, high-strung, anxious kitten who needs a bit of help relaxing.

    A pack of calming support chews for cats

    21. A pack of calming sticks that not only help your energetic pup relax, but are also packed with active ingredients designed to promote healthy teeth and gums.

    A pack of calming, peppermint flavored, oral-care sticks for dogs

    22. An anti-chew repellent that'll protect your shoes, curtains, sofa, rugs, and furniture from your zippy, teething pup.

    A model spraying anti-chew repellent on a pair of shoes

    23. A collapsible bowl to keep your dog hydrated on long walks or after running around with their friends at the dog park.

    A grey, collapsible food/water bowl with a carabiner attached

    24. A set of dog booties so you pup can explore outside, rain or shine (or snow!).

    A dog wearing red/black dog booties

    25. A pack of paw wipes to clean dirt and grime off after walks, hikes, or fetch in the park. Bonus: they're compostable and infused with lavender essential oils.

    26. A cat harness and bungee leash because who said going for walks is just a dog thing? Take meowt to the park, please!

    A cat being walked with a blue bungee leash attached to a matching harness

    27. A pack of squeaking tennis balls that are perfect for pups with the zoomies. They're soft on teeth and great for a game of fetch.

    28. A spinning cat toy that rolls around and will most definitely satisfy your kitten's natural instinct to hunt. Now that's just puuurfect.

    A kitten playing with an electric spinning cat toy

    29. A collapsible playpen so you can bring your pup to the beach or park without worrying about them running away. It's also great for backyard playtime.

    A gray/black, collapsible playpen with two puppies inside

    30. A fetch stick that your peppy pup will absolutely ~ruff~ very much.

    A blue/orange floating fetch stick

    31. A raincoat so your dog can fancy its time outside, while you get to enjoy the minimal clean up.

    A dog wearing a black/red checkered raincoat

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