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    31 Genius Cooking Products From Walmart That Might Make You Think “Why Didn’t I Start Using This Sooner”

    If talking about kitchen products is your love language, this one's for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A snap-on strainer to keep your noodles al dente, and your fingers out of harm's way. Mamma mia, that's a dream come true.

    A silicone snap-on strainer attached to the rim of a pot draining water from pasta

    2. A Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker so you can scarf down a delicious BEC sammie and skip the line (*and prices*) at the bodega.

    A three-tier Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker with an english muffin, egg, ham, and cheese

    3. A two-in-one avocado set because avo toast isn't a fad, it's here to stay. Split, de-pit, and scoop out with just a twist then add on a fluffy, cooked-to-perfection poached egg using the Poach Pro tool.

    An avocado tool that includes a fold-out knife, a de-pitter, a scooper, and an egg poacher

    4. A microwave splatter lid to prevent your microwave walls from getting a marinara paint job. Spoiler alert: It sticks to the top of your microwave for easy storage.

    A microwave splatter lid with steam vents and microwave safe magnets being held up by a models hand displaying a meal underneath

    5. An electric milk frother so you can whip up the frothiest, creamiest lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, matchas, and hot cocoas to bring straight to bed. Your oat milk latte — with 4-1/2 pumps of sugar free vanilla, extra foam, and a caramel drizzle — awaits (with zero judgment, bb).

    A silver, battery-controlled, hand-held electric milk frother displayed next to a mug of frothed milk

    6. A splendid splatter guard for those who dare to wear white while they cook. Oils, sauces, and butter belong in your food, not on your clothes, babe.

    A 13-inch stainless steel, mesh splatter guard covering a pan of meatballs

    7. A Hamilton Beach electric can opener that'll quickly and easily open the stubbornest of cans all while protecting your fingers. Gone are the days of wrist cramps and carpel tunnel brought on by kitchen products.

    A model opening up a can of soup using the Hamilton Beach, black and silver electric can opener

    8. A Keurig K-Duo coffee maker for mornings when you can't decide if you need one or 12 cups of caffienated goodness.

    A black Keurig K-Duo coffee maker with two brewing systems; 1 for a single cup using k-pods and 1 for a 12 cup carafe of coffee

    9. Or a Bodum cold brew press so you can enjoy a smooth, rich cup of iced brew without any grounds sneaking their way into your cup. Chill, plunge, pour, and sip. It's that simple, sweetie.

    A dishwasher-safe cold brew press made of stainless steel, rubber, and silicone that holds up to 51 ounces of cold brew

    10. An extra-large air fryer to enjoy the same delicious taste of your favorite fast food chains without the guilt of all the added oil — and in just a click of a button. McDonald's, honey, move aside, there's a new and improved fast food place in town.

    A black, 10 quart air fryer being opened by a models hand displaying crispy fries and tenders inside

    11. A KitchenAid immersion blender that'll whip up the smoothest, richest bowl of guac to pair with your chips. Skip the bulky blender and puree, blend, and mix all of your soups, sauces, dips, and more with this handy hand-held tool.

    A red and black two-speed hand-hand immersion blender next to a cup of guacamole and a plate of chips

    12. A vacuum sealer so you can buy your food in bulk without worrying about it spoiling after three days in the back of your fridge.

    A black and silver vacuum sealer to keep foods fresher for longer

    13. A seven-in-one vegetable chopper to keep meal prep fun and easy so you don't cave and order Seamless for the fifth night this week. A homemade burger with freshly sliced veggies will be so much yummier.

    the vegetable chopper being used to chop onions, cucumbers, and garlic

    14. An innovative pair of dishwashing gloves because getting all the food you just ate all over your hands isn't cute. These gloves have scrubbing bristles so you can get your chores done faster. Oh, and with these mitts, you won't have to buy a separate sponge ever again. Cha-ching.

    A model wearing a pair of high-temperature resistant, blue dishwashing gloves with scrubbing bristles to wash fruit

    15. An eight-piece mixing and measuring cup set that'll quickly become an essential in all of your cooking and baking endeavors. Oh, and lose your mismatched bowls, colanders, and measuring cups. This stackable rainbow won't take up any of your valuable kitchen space.

    A colorful, stackable set of mixing bowls, measuring cups, and a colander displayed in a kitchen drawer

    16. A folding chopping board because let's be honest, without it, half your ingredients will wind up on your floor.

    A model gripping the soft-grip handle of a green foldable chopping board that is being used to toss peppers into a pan

    17. A two-tier drying rack that'll drain the water from the top tier into the sink. Now that is some Chitty Chitty Bang Bang stuff right there.

    the two-tier blue dish rack which has a spout to let water drain into a sink

    18. A rotating pizza oven to bring pizza nights to a whole other level. 'Za aficionados, rejoice!

    A black rotating pizza oven with a vegetable and pepperoni pizza being cooked on the non-stick rotating pan

    19. A Bluetooth-controlled sous vide because you shouldn't have to hover over your food while it cooks to perfection. Let's be honest, no millennial knows how to fix chicken in the oven. This device lets you monitor your foods progress using your phone while you Netflix and chill.

    A model checking their foods progress on their phone while the bluetooth-controlled sous vide cooks the food in a pot on the counter

    20. A Hamilton Beach juicer so you can ditch the trips to the store for a $9 bottle of liquified celery. Make a variety of yummy juices at home in half the time and no guilt. Chug on that, store!

    A black Hamilton Beach juicer displayed on the counter next to cups of carrot and green juice

    21. A nonstick skillet because why wash three pans when you can use just one to cook a delectable meal? The handle is scald-free and durable to ensure your safety while you whip up your three meals.

    A non-stick, 3 compartment skillet filled with 3 different foods

    22. A sushi roll tool to bring Nobu-level maki to your kitchen without the sky-high price.

    A step-by-step guide of a model making sushi using the sushi maker tool

    23. An herb stripper because you deserve better than picking leaves off one-by-one after crushing your 5 p.m. meeting.

    A model using a herb stripped to remove the leaves off a piece of tarragon

    24. A produce cutting gadget for an impeccably even cut sans the smell of onions all over your hands. This tool is also ideal for cutting tomatoes, potatoes, apples, garlic, cheese, and much more.

    A stainless steel vegetable holder with the prongs inside an onion to create a perfectly, even cut

    25. A four-pack of reusable silicone food bags because going green is cool and so is saving money by scrapping plastic bags off your shopping list. *Greta Thunberg* herself would endorse these earth-friendly plastic bags.

    Reusable silicon food bags being displayed inside a fridge

    26. A rotating cutlery set that'll save you so much room in your drawers you won't even know what to do with all the extra space. Now that's a great problem to have.

    A black, rotating 30-piece Faberware cutlery set displayed on a counter

    27. An electric wine opener because struggling to open a fresh bottle of Sauv is such a *buzz* kill. Spoiler alert: It includes a foil cutter. Enjoy your happy hour, bb.

    A silver electric wine opener completed with a foil cutter

    28. A smokeless indoor grill for the days when you're craving a steak but it's too cold to use the outdoor grill. You shouldn't have to put your boots and beanie on to enjoy grilled food all year round.

    A smokeless, indoor grill with non-stick removable plates being displayed on a counter with asparagus and salmon

    29. A George Foreman sandwich press to bring comfort to your home with the gooiest, cheesiest, and crispiest grilled cheeses. Time to become the ultimate sandwich artist.

    A George Foreman panini press that fits up to 4 servings

    30. A Cuisinart ice cream machine for those hot summer days right around the corner. Who says you can't churn the perfect pint of cookies 'n cream at home?

    A silver Cusinart ice cream/yogurt making machine

    31. And an essential bottle of Easy Off oven cleaner because even if you're like Carrie Bradshaw and use your oven exclusively to store shoes, it still needs to be clean. Treat your Blahniks with kindness, babe.

    A 14.5 oz bottle of lemon-scented Easy Off oven cleaner that is fume free

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