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13 Reasons You Should Be Dating A Lumbersexual Right Now

You haven't lived until you've dated a lumbersexual.

1. He has long, untamed hair akin to that of Highlander.

2. He isn't afraid to sport a manbun.

3. His facial hair is rugged and always just perfect.

4. He takes you on romantic trips to his log cabin in the forest...

5. ...where you would spend your time in his warm embrace forevermore.

6. And where he would be doing generally manly things like chopping wood and communing with nature.

7. Oh yes, they are most certainly good with their hands.

8. And being a Lumbersexual he has a manly hairy chest you would feel compelled to nuzzle for hours.

9. He would be good with your cat...

10. ...and with your baby, for that matter.

11. Importantly, he looks good in a suit so you can show him off at parties.

12. He doesn't look too bad out of it either.

13. Indeed, looking into his eyes is like looking into the soul of a warrior prince from a bygon age.