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13 Reasons You Should Be Dating A Lumbersexual Right Now

You haven't lived until you've dated a lumbersexual.

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1. He has long, untamed hair akin to that of Highlander. / Via

2. He isn't afraid to sport a manbun. / Via

3. His facial hair is rugged and always just perfect. / Via

4. He takes you on romantic trips to his log cabin in the forest... / Via

5. ...where you would spend your time in his warm embrace forevermore. / Via

6. And where he would be doing generally manly things like chopping wood and communing with nature. / Via

7. Oh yes, they are most certainly good with their hands. / Via

8. And being a Lumbersexual he has a manly hairy chest you would feel compelled to nuzzle for hours. / Via

9. He would be good with your cat... / Via

10. ...and with your baby, for that matter. / Via

11. Importantly, he looks good in a suit so you can show him off at parties. / Via

12. He doesn't look too bad out of it either. / Via

13. Indeed, looking into his eyes is like looking into the soul of a warrior prince from a bygon age. / Via

Go on, date a Lumbersexual.

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