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5 Questions People With Tattoo's Are Sick Of Hearing

Did it hurt??

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Does getting a tattoo hurt?

Yes. Of course it does. Someone is pumping ink in to your skin with a needle at high speed!

Admittedly some ares do hurt more than others and there are places for some people where little or no pain is felt at all, a good rule of thumb is if hurts to pinch the area or the area is mostly just skin and bone then it will hurt IE. Inner upper arm, ribs, feet etc.

(The image above is a rough guide, peoples pain tolerance levels vary)

What about when you're older?

When I'm older I will be a bad ass tattoo'd old person who probably hangs out with other bad ass tattoo'd old people.

You will just be an old person.

Everything about you will look different when you're older, if you live your life worrying about what you will look like in 40 years time you are going to miss out on a lot of things.

What do they mean?

They mean I'm going to punch you if you ask that again.

Tattoo's will mean something to a lot of people, whether its a memorial piece or a piece to mark a memory and that's fine. The majority of tattoo's a heavily covered person will have will be because they like the design, wanted work done by a specific artist or even because they found that piece funny.

Its OK to have a tattoo because you like the look of it!

Do you regret any of them?


A lot of people who are covered will have started out young and undoubtedly made some silly decisions. That tribal design on your arm looked really good when you are 18 but now you're all grown up it really isn't working with the style you are going for now.

Luckily cover ups can look incredible and most tattoos can be transformed in to a completely new piece.

Has it affected you getting a job?

It shouldn't.

Tattoo's (especially visible ones such as those on hands, neck etc.) are tarred with a stigma. In this modern age judging people by appearance is fought ruthlessly and tattoos should fall under this category.

Unless you have decided to write something dumb on your knuckles or have offensive material visible then you should be fine.

Overall be original, smart and get the tattoos you want! Work with the artist, get advice from them on designs, healing and care and take your time to think about it.

Just don't write F**k on your knuckles then question why you cant a job.

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