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    Why Community Theater Is A Great Asset

    7 reasons why community theater is amazing. Even though sometimes you catch someone snoozing.

    7. Community Theater helps you do something besides this.

    The poor animal. You'd be way too busy with rehearsal to do this...during the daytime, at least.

    6. It gives you confidence. Yes, it gives you confidence to wear shiny purple shirts.

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    It's interesting what someone is able to tolerate...

    5. It helps you deal with people like her.

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    Santana is pretty bad, and there are Santana's out there, but community theater also does this:

    4. And her

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    It also helps you deal with the Rachel Berrys of the world as well...

    3. It gives you the courage to defend it.

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    2. You learn to brush things off...

    Just like Quinn Fabray

    1. You grow as an actor

    Especially when you're every single role.