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    Developments In Russia Unnerve

    Have you guys kept up with the news lately? I'm really pissed off about this.

    Jews Needing to Register

    Really? REALLY???

    This latest piece of news coming from the cycle is gut-wrenching. Jews in East Ukraine are being forced to register, and I dare ask why? This development brings back some Russian history (and for that matter World History) that we as Americans seem to forget.

    Pogroms. The Russian Progroms that happened in the early 20th century come to my mind. And it's not just the early 20th Century pogroms but there's something else that comes to my mind.

    The Holocaust

    This could be a slippery slope, but still what was the first step in Hitler's Final Solution?

    The Jews had to register, then they were placed in ghettos and then they were exterminated.

    At the end of World War II, the Allied powers made a vow to never allow this again.

    However, it's been years since the last World War. There's been some conflicts here and there, but it's so shocking to see how much we've forgotten.

    What's more shocking is that with the last gif posted, some of the readers wouldn't know that I'm referencing Schindler's List, which shocks me. We've forgotten.

    We've forgotten about the despair, the destruction and the compete tragedy that happened over 80 years ago. We've forgotten about how entire groups of people were marginalized and excuted, rather disposed of like trash.

    We've forgotten about this. Yet, this isn't just what's horrible. It's also that we don't care that something like this could happen again.