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    10 Things That Make Substitute Teachng Like Traveling Around In The TARDIS

    Everyday is a new surprise. Just like the Doctor. Complete with Doctor Who gifs, much thanks to tumblr.

    1. You Wake Up, Get The Phone Call. So the day starts like this: / Via

    Because you don't know the subject area, you wanted to do laundry or have a Doctor Who marathon.

    2. You check the site again, and think

    You're going to have to pull a rabbit out of your butt.

    3. But then you decide that it'll be okay

    Maybe, just maybe...

    4. You have a problem with your inner dialogue / Via

    Seriously, it's a big issue.

    5. You arrive at the school site like

    6. But you're always early so you turn into this

    because you definitely rock.

    7. But now you have to deal with students who end up shooting you a look like this

    or they do this

    They definitely do this.

    and when they know you it turns into that.

    8. You get asked when you'll become a full-time teacher and you feel like doing this

    because a teaching credential costs too damn much.

    9. You enjoy getting dressed in a quick fashion

    and you thank God for cheap retailers!

    10. But most importantly, everyday is a new adventure

    and the thrills of the day just never cease to amaze!