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    • jamess66

      WhenIthink about cancer,Ithink about the people in the world who have done the most innovative things to treat it and succeeded at it, thenIlook at what they’re up to nowadays. Follow the doctors who succeed. No need to play guessing games. My top following is the guy who builtacancer treatment and sold it for $6.5 BILLION (Erbitux, one of the top head and neck cancer treatments today).Ithink he’s one of the people everyone should be following when it comes to the ultimate cure for cancer. This article was very informative for me in terms of figuring out where real scientists with hundreds of millions in personal wealth are putting their time, even when they don’t need to work: http://www.trefis.com/stock/snti/articles/168060/could-dr-harlan-waksals-final-gift-to-the-world-be-the-cure-for-cancer/2013-02-11
      Follow the money, right? Why would someone with almostabillion dollars in personal wealth be working on this new cancer treatment?Ibet this Erbitux guys believes he has found it…

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