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15 Things That Probably Happened On Kim And Kanye's Honeymoon

What happens on the honeymoon, stays on the Kanye.

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1. Romanic candlelight dinner as the sun set over Kanye.

2. Kanye mistakenly takes ecstasy. Spends all night dancing with Kanye.

3. They spend an entire night whispering sweet kanyes into eachother's ear.

4. Kanye sees a squirrel.

5. Kim modeled a new bootylicious bathingsuit, while Kanye self-tanned.

6. Dolphins swam with Kanye.

7. Kanye mistakenly sexts Bruce Jenner a picture of him nude.

8. Fro-yo

9. Breakfast in Kanye.


Seconds encouraged.

10. Simulated sex on a motorcycle.


He faked it.

11. Kanye farts for the first time in front of Kim.

12. Kanye has a panic attack after his straw punches all the way through his Capri-Sun.


It's not OK! Stop telling me it's OK!

13. Kanye gets lost inside of Kanye.

14. Kanye talks repeatedly about how he wants to adopt a pony.


We'll name it "Kimye".

15. Kim realizes she's actually married to Kanye West.

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