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    9 Crazy Things Caught On A Home Security Camera

    Home security cameras are becoming more and more popular in homes across the country. And with results like these, it is easy to see why. But the interesting thing about security cameras is that, not only do they catch criminals in the act, but they also catch some other remarkable and unexpected things. After looking at some of these, you might think twice before you slam the door on that Vivint salesman.

    1. A Terrifying Lightning Strike

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    What makes this shocking is the sheer noise of the lightning as it hits the tree. Brace yourself.

    2. “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Stealing an Amazon Package

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    Definitely the funniest thing about this video is not the actual footage of the woman running away with an Amazon package. Rather it is the way in which the “victim” responds to the tragic loss of his ice cube tray. Future thieves be warned!

    3. Tornado Footage

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    Network television cameras are not always able to get to the site in time to record the real-time events of a tornado. In these videos however, the full extent of the destruction as the funnel cloud rips past the home, is all too real.

    4. A Creepy Dude Regularly Breaking in and Trying on This Girl’s Lingerie...Really.

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    Um...that’s all.

    5. An Entire Burglary Caught on Tape

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    Occasionally home security cameras accomplish the task for which they are intended. These cameras caught the entire event.

    6. Burglar Confronted with a Shotgun

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    When this guy tried to walk off with a TV, he probably didn’t expect to be held up with a shotgun until the police arrived.

    7. Delivery Man Throws Computer Monitor Over the Fence

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    The worst part? The intended recipient was at home at the time.

    8. Booze-Stealing Neighbor Caught Red-Handed

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    Really? Of all the things you could steal…

    9. UPS Guy Steals iPad

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    Makes you wonder whether that one thing that never arrived from Amazon maybe, actually, did arrive?