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11 Reasons Why CBBC's Raven Needs A Comeback

And don't you dare change anything.

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4. The obvious Game of Thrones parallels


The costumes are similar. The settings are similar. Heck, even Raven looks similar to Jon Snow - cloak and all. A new series could definitely ride that Game of Thrones hype and seduce this huge fanbase.

6. The terrifying baddies


Distant cousins of the dementors, these cloaked figures were silent and deadly. Catching contestants in challenges and making them disappear, these dark figures would reappear themselves in many a child's nightmare.

7. Its teaching ability

The whole process taught children to scrimp and save to ensure a prosperous future, collecting gold rings to win a life. Basic economic skills, really.

Plus one of the challenges definitely involved spelling a word by stepping on lettered stones.

8. The low budget, environmentally friendly set

Trees, stones and feathers were pretty much the only materials used throughout the series - all sustainable sources and decomposable. An admirable effort and very unlikely to drain the bank balance, the BBC really has no excuses for a revival.

10. The Way of the Warrior

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It was the epic battle that concluded every episode, with only 4 contestants ever having completed it to tell the tale. With swinging blades, fast-moving shields and falling logs, it was a violent spectacle - but we all wanted to take it on ourselves.

11. And of course, Mr Raven himself


The rich Scottish accent. The feathered cloak. The perfectly-groomed beard. And a staff full of mysterious powers.

There's definitely some adult roleplay potential here. Just me? Cool.

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