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17 Things You'll Understand If You're Obsessed With St. Patrick's Day

It's not just about wearing green; it's about celebrating heritage and camaraderie.

1. You take it personally when people spell it St. Patty's Day.

2. And the only pot of gold you want to hear about is behind the bar.

3. You love the history of and real reason for St. Patrick's Day.

4. You've been dreaming of the Irish breakfast feast for months.

5. You've shamelessly binge-watched the classics to get in the mood.

6. And you especially love torturing yourself with this childhood horror:

7. You love the day because everyone and everything looks better in the colors of Ireland.

8. But your love of green stops with the beer.

9. You've spent weeks putting together a playlist with your favorite Celtic rock songs.

10. You make sure to get your best lad in on the fun too.

11. You're eager to share a shot or two with new friends each year.

12. You'll always recite toasts passed on through your family.

13. You've been the one cheering the loudest during the parade every year.

14. You brush up on your dance moves months before to bust them out in the streets and pubs.

15. You've memorized Irish songs to sing with your friends in the pub.

16. You salivate throughout the year thinking of your corned beef and cabbage feast.

17. Every year, you look forward to this day so you can share a shot or a pint with your friends, celebrate your heritage, and let loose.

From Jameson Irish Whiskey to you, Sine Metu and Happy St. Patrick's Day.