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Feast Your Eyes On This Mesmerizing Foodstagram

Not to be scrolled through on mute.

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This is Napat.

Obviously, she is incredibly adorable and fun.

She runs Napat Closet & Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand.

Her two Instagram accounts, @aum_napat and @napat_closet, have a combined total of 687k followers and over 7,500 posts.

The real star of the account are her cooking videos.

They are simply captivating.

The videos are downright therapeutic.

Her spatula skills are on point.

She can even make a hot dog gourmet.

She understands the sheer beauty that is cheese and bread.

Who even knew eggs could be this small?

Napat wiggles her plate because she knows she's done good.

So go follow @aum_napat right now.
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