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How To Make A Peppermint Cornetto Smoothie Bowl

Peppermint flavoured choc chip ice cream. It's not going to turn heads or win innovation awards but it's a proven winner. I used to love Peppermint Cornettos. Or Drumsticks. I wasn't loyal to either. Anything with peppermint and chocolate chips. Especially that final bite at the bottom of the cone. Where you get waffle cone meets hard chocolate meets peppermint ice cream. So good.

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Naturally, I've copied that flavour pairing and made it healthy. The mint choc chip smoothie bowl with real ingredients. And actual nutrition.

Calmative mint. Great for digestion. A cup of antioxidant rich spinach for a cheeky serve of vegetables. It's also great as a food colouring, pairing up with mint to create our peppermint green. You could also add in spirulina for that extra nutritional and colour pop. And cacao nibs brings the chocolate chips. Dense in magnesium and antioxidants they'll give you energy now and help you sleep deeper later.

Peppermint Cornetto Smoothie Bowl

takes 5 minutes

makes 1 servings


Frozen banana - 1 1/2

Ice - 1 cup

Spinach - 1 cup

Mint - 1/2 cup

Cacao nibs - 1 heaped tablespoon

Vanilla protein powder - 1/2 scoop

Almond milk - 1/2 cup


Blend all the ingredients

Garnish with granola and more cacao nibs

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