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How To Make A Healthy Cup Of Coffee

I love coffee. I was pessimistic about it's effect on my health but then I deep dived into the research. Coffee has a tangible impact on helping you avoid disease and live longer. Which was music to my ears. When it's warm, I make homemade cold brew. Which is outrageously tasty. I don't know why you can't buy the same product. And when it's cool, I have two versions of hot coffee. One I order and one I make.

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Healthy Coffee Recipes

I order long blacks with cinnamon. No sugar or dairy, just clean black coffee with one of the best sources of antioxidants.

Occasionally, when I want something more filling, I make a vegan Bulletproof. The fats from coconut oil and cacao butter give my brain energy, boost my mood and help me tackle the to-do-list.

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee

Takes 3 minutes

Makes 1 cup


Long black coffee

Cacao butter - 1 teaspoon

Coconut oil - 1 teaspoon


Brew or buy a long black

Add the good fats and blend until it's caramel and creamy

Enjoy, optionally add some cinnamon

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