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    My Talk For #DHOxSS!

    Because Powerpoint is dull, I haven't got the Apple one, and Prezi is too flash

    1. What’s it like to become digital?

    2. What's it like never to have been anything else?

    3. But isn't nearly everything scholars do these days already digital?

    The four dimensions of scholarship: Discovery, Integration, Application, Teaching

    Boyer, Ernest (1990). Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate. Princeton, N.J:

    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

    Pearce, Nick, et al (2010) 'Digital Scholarship Considered: How New Technologies Could Transform Academic Work', in education, 16.

    4. What does the digital life of a non-digital project look like?

    5. Anyone want to say that the Digital Humanities are the new Critical Theory?

    6. Are we going to go post-al again?

    7. What are the digital humanities yet to become?

    8. So I've been living my uneasy dreams...

    9. And are there any pressing implications?