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    Posted on Jul 21, 2015

    My Talk For #DHOxSS!

    Because Powerpoint is dull, I haven't got the Apple one, and Prezi is too flash

    1. What’s it like to become digital?


    OMG! (Or whatever we said back then.) The controls are on the inside!

    2. What's it like never to have been anything else?

    Anna Loxley

    This is Anna. She is 10. Her favourite online site is Scratch. She wants to play with programmable turtles in Minecraft.

    Next term, because it's fun, she's going to join some of her brother's friends at Prewired, which takes place at Codebase.

    She is not a geek. She is ENTIRELY ORDINARY.

    3. But isn't nearly everything scholars do these days already digital?

    The four dimensions of scholarship: Discovery, Integration, Application, Teaching

    Boyer, Ernest (1990). Scholarship Reconsidered: Priorities of the Professoriate. Princeton, N.J:

    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

    Pearce, Nick, et al (2010) 'Digital Scholarship Considered: How New Technologies Could Transform Academic Work', in education, 16.

    4. What does the digital life of a non-digital project look like?


    The life cycle of a non-digital project:

    Discovery, Research, Engagement, Dissemination.

    5. Anyone want to say that the Digital Humanities are the new Critical Theory?

    Bloomsbury publishing / Via

    Of this collection, Harold Bloom allegedly said - 'The others are Deconstruction - I'm Criticism'. (Or perhaps it was Geoffrey Hartman. No matter.)

    6. Are we going to go post-al again?

    So is it now time for the postdigital humanities?

    There are plenty of reasons to resist this move. Time to take some good insights from...

    Kirschenbaum, Matthew, and Sarah Werner, (2014) 'Digital Scholarship and Digital Studies: the State of the Discipline', Book History, 17, 406-458.

    Drucker, Johanna. (2012/13) 'Humanistic Theory and Digital Scholarship, Debates in the Digital Humanities', in Matthew Gold, ed. Debates in the Digital Humanities. U. Minnesota Press.

    7. What are the digital humanities yet to become?

    Johanna Drucker's crucial question:

    What could the encounter of humanities “tools” bring to digital contexts?

    8. So I've been living my uneasy dreams...

    The Palimpsest project ran from January 2014 to March 2015; it involved collaboration between English Literature, Informatics, EDINA datacentre (all at the University of Edinburgh), and St Andrews Computer Human Interaction researchers.

    Its main outcome is a website, LitLong, with code, tools and API, and an app.

    9. And are there any pressing implications?

    Tom Gauld, the New Yorker / Via

    Oh yes, if I've got time to raise them...

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