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    Jul 31, 2013

    Olivier Zahm Shot Some Fashion Photos That Weren't All About Nudity

    Only a couple though. You wouldn't want to get a reputation for that kind of thing, after all.

    Meet, Olivier Zahm, editor-in-chief of edgy French fashion magazine, Purple.

    Here he is in a pool.

    He has a photo blog, purple DIARY, which chronicles his jet-setting life full of models, bottles, parties, scruffy facial hair and the obligatory dark sunglasses that come with such a lifestyle.

    With an emphasis firmly on the models.

    And on timeless sexual innuendo too.


    (Oh look, it's his face in between this faceless lady's legs.) Anyway, by sexual innuendo we mean NUDITY. Rampant nudity.

    Nudity so rampant that those little modesty-preserving black bars are the new little black dress.


    (Here we used a mosaic blur, just for a change.)

    Zahm even once shot a scantily-clad Lindsay Lohan. So there.


    But this month he's debuting some new photos that shows — wait for it — models … wearing clothes!

    First up: Ukranian Vogue's August 2013 cover featuring Meghan Collison.

    And from the accompanying editorial.


    (Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a French guy taking your photo from above.)

    Zahm also shot the fall/winter 2013 Sisley campaign.

    The campaign stars Georgia May Jagger and her also-model boyfriend Josh McLellan.

    Positively tame by Zahm's standards, then. Here's more of the work we're more accustomed to:


    Of course, this is also quite tame for Zahm.

    There we go.


    Naked and writhing on a cold floor just because it's there, I guess.


    With that said, he's game to strip down himself.

    As in, he really does get naked too.

    But nude women seem to be his calling.

    Via purple DIARY

    Nude nude nude nude women. In heels.


    Also, maybe scented candles. That's nice.


    LOL not really, still women. Naked women.

    But, he is French, see? Here he is smoking a cigarette. So, like, it's all good.


    It's all good.