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The Best Ways To Wear Men’s Jacket

It is a wrong, yet common belief that indecision as regards what to wear and how to wear them is exclusively a female issue. It is now well recognized that a smart look whether in a casual setting or in a more serious environment like a ball, wedding or the office boosts confidence, which largely determines the quality of interaction between peers and even strangers. Selecting and buying quality men’s jackets may not seem like such a big deal for men because most times it all comes down to how you feel about the jacket at first glimpse and after trying it on. The real dilemma comes when it is time to wear them out for a function; what colour of shirt to pair it with, what type and colour of trouser would best compliment the jacket for your desired sharp look? Unfortunately, there really is not a straight-forward answer to these questions. It all depends on stature, hair colour, jacket colour and preferred style of dressing. Let us get down to it then;

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1. Stature


Although it may comprise a shirt, trouser, jacket and shoe, which is obviously owned by all men, not all dressing styles are suitable for all kinds of stature. Taller men can sometimes get away with not so great colour combinations without looking like a bowl of skittles but for shorter men, it is difficult to do this without being split in half by the colours. All short men wish they were a little taller; luckily, this can be achieved through dressing properly with the following tips;

•Wear fitted clothes: loosely fitted clothes tend to draw your silhouette horizontally, making you look wider and even shorter

•Choose a shorter Jacket: suit jackets usually just cover the buttocks but that may not be favourable to shorter men as it also covers part of the legs. A shorter jacket exposes more legs, amplifying the vertical silhouette.

•Pants: choose pants with no break, this with a shorter jacket creates an unbroken bodyline, making you appear taller.

•Colour: As earlier stated, excessive colour combinations tend to favour taller people, so it is best to wear monochromatic colours as this favours a continuous bodyline if you are on the short side.

For those on the weighty side, best way is to try to shed a few pounds to look smarter when you dress. However, the above tips may also work for you since they tend to focus on getting a vertical silhouette.

2. Jacket


Every person has a navy blue jacket in his wardrobe (you should if you do not) that may be part of a suit combination. How this is worn depends on the desired look—formal or casual. For the formal look, the best thing is to wear the full suit, In this case the only problem now resides in choice of shirt and accessories; wearing a plain white shirt with a floral or paisley tie adds contrast and class to your look. These will go with black leather shoes but if you are feeling a bit chic, you could go with brown shoes with matching belt and watch. For the casual look, simply wearing the jacket with denim can give you a mix of both worlds—the business-casual look.

Choosing a jacket, which harmonizes your hair, can give you a winning look as it helps frame your face. Men with brown or red hair can go for dark brown jackets; blond haired men should opt for medium to lighter coloured jackets but can also wear brighter, stronger blues that harmonize with blond hair. People with dark hair however, look good in dark grey but may introduce other colours, as they like.

In respect to type of jacket, striped jackets are best worn with plain shirts.

3. Preferred Style of Dressing


The aforementioned tips still apply to those who only wear denim or leather jackets. Well, except the plain shirt bit. These genre of jackets are best worn with t-shirts and khaki or denim pants. These genre of jackets are particularly receptive to accessorizing beyond wrist watches so you could go with whatever feels comfortable to you.

Having said these, the major determinant of how you should wear your jacket is the image you see in the mirror. If you feel confident enough to step out, let nothing hold you back. Stay sharp!

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