The Definitive Collection Of Tom Hanks Animal GIFs

Because the world needs this. Thank you, Tom Hanks Is A Bunch Of Animals.

1. Tom Hanks is a shocked puppy saying hello!

2. He’s a mouse scared of a dog!

3. He’s a real mean cat.

4. He wants to chase cars!

5. Tom can play a cat playing ping pong playing himself as a cat playing ping pong.

6. Tom’s owllllllllllll about it.

7. Tom’s excited on ice!

8. Tom turns on Conan (watch those talons).

9. He is focus. He is majesty.

10. He can (try but ultimately fail to) carry himself as a voice actor.

11. Aren’t you. A Good. Tom.

12. Tom has emotional depth (and furry insulation).

13. Tom likes to explore!

14. “All my life I’ve been waiting for someone and when I find her, she’s… she’s a fish.”

15. Tom nervously approaches like a furry caterpillar.

16. He knows how to fall in line.

17. Tom wants to fly like an eagle, to the sea!

18. Tom is having a blast riding this tennis ball.

19. Sometimes he and a feline friend play the blues.

20. Tom is freaked seeing himself in cat-GIF form.


21. Tom Hanks has entered the glacier.

22. And he just wants to climb on mom with the rest of the litter.

23. Tom understands the importance of exercise.

24. And sparring with felines.

25. “I’m not a smart man… but I know what love is.”

And it’s definitely the feeling I get when you scratch my underarms.

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