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21 Elephant Seals Every Girl Living With Guys Can Relate To

"Are you drinking my OJ from the carton?"

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1. When he leaves dishes in the sink.

2. When he smells after coming home from the gym / sports.

3. When he walks to the bathroom in his boxer briefs and you accidentally see the dick print.

4. When he cooks extra and offers you some.

5. When you're leaving for a date and you come out of your room and ask: "How do I look?"

6. When it's been a rough day and you just need to vent to someone.

7. When he brings so much unhealthy food into the house that you ultimately have no other choice but to help him eat it.


8. When he teases you about your look but it hits a little too close to home.

9. When he scratches his balls right in front of you and he doesn't even realize that he's doing it.

10. When he walks in on you trying to find your ~angles.~

11. When you have the entire squad over to pregame and he wanders through the kitchen in his underwear.

12. When you ask him to do you a favor.

13. When he asks: "are you really going to watch Netflix all day?"

14. When he comes home and finds you cuddling in bed with your BFF.

15. When he blames you for clogging the bathroom drain with your hair.

16. When he catches you eating his leftovers.

17. When you wake up and sense some odd energy and you somehow just know he brought a girl home last night.

18. When the bathroom is covered in 750,000 little black hairs.

19. When you get home and feel like hanging out but he's not around.

20. When you go to pee in the middle of the night and fall in because he left the seat up for the 1000th time.

21. And finally: when you realize that, all in all, your bro roommates are chill af and you wouldn't trade them for the world.

Images depict both male and female elephant seals.
All images courtesy of Thinkstock.