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    35 Signs You Are Studying For The LSAT

    Because your personal, educational, and financial goals all depend on this stupid f-ing test.

    1. Before you even look at one LSAT question, you're pretttttty sure you're going to be in the 99th percentile.


    "I'm just intelligent. Always have been."

    2. Then you take your first practice test.


    "I am coming to terms with the fact that I am not special in any way."

    3. So you quickly buy a bunch of LSAT books...


    "If I just get through 150 pages a day, I'll be done in 6 months."

    4. ...and hire a tutor...


    "I'm totally normal -- I take the LSAT for fun."

    5. ... and sign up for a class with a motivational instructor...

    6. ... only to find that law school isn't the only thing that's going to be expensive.


    "The 12-week course costs how much!?

    7. Your LSAT instructor tells you to study for 20+ hours a week...

    8. So you go home and crack open an LSAT book for the first time...

    9. ...and think maybe getting a job at a startup would be a better path in life.


    10. You stop hanging out with your friends...

    11. you can spend all your free time inside determining how additional evidence affects an argument.

    12. And oh yeah, there's like 1000 other things you should be doing for school and work and stuff.

    13. But you do get really good at scanning for information in Reading Comp.

    14. And diagramming logic games.

    15. Going over your answer sheet is an exercise punctuated by small victories...

    16. ... and crushing defeats.

    17. Time is no longer a dimension; it is a measure of your inadequacy.

    18. You friends keep telling you about people they know who did really, really well.

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    19. You start to hate this bitch...


    20. ... because secretly you want to be her.

    21. You develop an emotional attachment to the fridge.

    22. And only have time to go out one night a week...

    23. ... but you go really hard to compensate.


    Like really, really hard.

    24. Your friends ask you how studying is going. Every. Single. Day.

    25. You begin to daydream about Logic Games when you're supposed to be doing other things.

    26. .... like sleeping. Or watching TV.


    Or watching TV because you are no longer sleeping. Which happens a lot now because:

    27. Coffee is not just a beverage. It is the essence of life.

    28. At long last, you learn the secret to achieving your target score.

    29. But eventually, somehow, you get through your first Logic Games section without missing any.

    30. And the right answers in Logical Reasoning start to seem obvious...

    ...most of the time.

    31. And Reading Comp?

    32. You begin to get excited about each new practice section...

    33. ... but you still mess stuff up that you should totally know by now.

    34. But when you start a full-length Practice Test on a Saturday morning, you're like "Let's do this."

    35. Because you know that if you keep working hard, you're going to deserve the score that you want.

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