22 Snapchats That Must Be Shared

We’ve all done it — saved a snapchat that was just too good, too funny, or too gross. Here’s some of the best.

1. Zero sunscreen…

3. This little piggy had teeth…

4. Gandalf’s clinically depressed brother

Somebody doesn’t know about the secret snapchat grey palette…

5. We’ve all been there?

6. Name that flick…

7. Creativity, well used. Nudity, also well used.

But really: are you in the lobby of a chinese restaurant?

8. And to think, someone almost let this gem slip away into the void.

Extra points for creative expansion of the text box.

9. This guy should pursue snapchat professionally.

He’s like the David Beckham of snapchat but if David Beckham looked like Russell Crowe.

10. This guy really knows how to charm a lady:

…and I can neither confirm nor deny that enjoying it will give you diabetes.

Meet my boyfriend: Thing 1.

If you read it fast, you almost don’t realize he’s talking about cannibalism.

11. #snapcat

Yeah, #snapcat is a thing now.

12. Failed art in 4th grade, but tons of spirit.

Is that a donut or a ring?

13. Even Paris Hilton can’t resist exposing herself.

The allure of doing it privately for a change was just too much.

14. This guy’s just jockying around

Nice sweats. I think I’d love your life.

15. Some people would consider this a sext.

…and if you got that joke, then we both know what we’ve both seen before.

16. Snapchat is a superhighway for dicks—drawn and otherwise. But these excited gingerbread men won my heart.

Mr. or Mrs. Creator loses points for his—(let’s be real here)—grammar.

17. He’s not a bad egg, he just has no self control.

18. Those eyes know pain and longing.

… and those ears know the sound the treat box makes when you shake it.

19. The trend of dudes finding creative/funny ways to expose themselves continues…

20. That’s definitely a euphemism for something….

21. He means “caught.”

But the Leprechaun remains a total mystery.

22. Name that flick!

If only Rose was a sea turtle. Jack could have ridden her to safety and they could have lived happily ever after on a tropical island drinking coconut juice and building shelter.

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