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    20 Foods To Drunkenly Eat When You're Abroad

    You're in a foreign country. You're drunk. You're hungry. Don't worry — this list has you covered for buzzed feeds all around the world.

    1. England: Chips and Cheese

    2. Mexico: Tacos

    3. Italy: Porchetta Sandwich

    4. Germany: Currywurst

    5. Japan: Okonomiyaki (Savory Pancake)

    6. Ireland: Champ

    7. Argentina: Choripán

    8. France: Crêpes

    9. Nova Scotia: Donair

    10. Thailand: Hoy Tod (Oyster Omelet)

    11. The Czech Republic: Smažený Sýr (Fried Cheese Sandwich)

    12. China: Chuan’r (Barbecue Skewer)

    13. Holland: Vlaamse Frites (Flemish Fries)

    14. Brazil: Acarajé

    15. India: Dahi Papdi Chaat

    16. Canada: Poutine

    17. Spain: Tapas

    18. Iran: Persian Pizza

    19. Turkey: Döner Kebab

    The kebab is so popular it has to be listed twice.

    Nay, three times.

    20. Finally, if you find yourself drunk and desperate with no food stands in sight, head for the nearest greasy spoon and use this proven tactic.

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