14 Potential Names For Baby KimYe

Mercy, there are just so many good choices.

1. 1. Kanya Kardashian-West

Given Kanye’s ego and the Kardashian family’s penchant for alliteration, this actually makes a whole lot of sense.

2. 2. Yeezus Khrist Kardashian-West

If you’ve listened to Yeezus, you know that Kanye “Is A God.” Who is God’s offspring? Jesus Christ. How do you say “Jesus” in Hebrew? Yeshua. How do you say “Jesus” in Kanye? Yeezus. Add the fact that Kim went into labor within hours of Yeezus leaking and you have: Yeezus Khrist. It’s science.

3. 3. “K” Kardashian-West

Kanye calls himself: “A minimalist in a rapper’s body.” Baby KimYe is a mini-minimalist in a baby’s body. This is Baby KimYe’s minimalist nursery, designed by Rick Owens.

4. The couple might go trashy…

5. 4. Karma Karisma Kardashian-West

Via aux.tv

How’d you like to have this girl in the Lambo trynna jerk ya?Swerve.

6. Or they might go classy…

7. 5. Katrina Kardashian-West

Hey, it could happen. Btw, that’s a rendering of Baby KimYe age 20. Not bad.

8. KimYe could choose something geographic…

9. 6. East West

The pun rises in the East and sets in the West….

10. 7. South By South West (aka SXSW)

Kanye owns a penthouse in Austin and has performed “secret” shows at SXSW in the past. Kanye also likes acronyms: “G.O.O.D. Music” “H.A.M.”

11. Of course, there are the families to think about…

Ain’t nobody fresher than my muthafuckinClique, clique, clique, clique, clique

12. 8. Klue Ivy Kardashian-West

“Wait, wait— what if we named our babies, like, almost the exact same thing.”

13. 9. Khandukht Kardashian-West

Kanye probably won’t be onboard for traditional Armenian names favored by the Kardashians. But he might make an exception for Khandukht. From the Persian khan (“prince”) and dukhtar (“daughter”), the name means “The prince’s daughter.”

14. Then again, the couple may surprise us all…

15. 10. Kady Kardashian-West

Maybe KimYe will retreat from the spotlight into a quiet Ohio suburb to raise their daughter Kady in relative obscurity. Here they are in 20 years, living The Good Life.

16. 11. Kleopatra Kardashian-West

Kim does a Cleopatra photo shoot while Kanye puts the pussy in a sarcophagus. Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and seduced many powerful men before her untimely demise. These are shoes baby KimYe was destined to fill.

17. 12. Kakawanga Kardashian-West

Because why not.

18. 13. Rose Kardashian-West

A titanic name for a titanic couple.

19. “Kim, Baby, I finally got it…”

20. “…what if we just named her…”

21. 14. “Kanye West.”

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