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Let's Talk About How Amazing Kylie Jenner's Nail Game Is

Nail game strong.

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Kylie Jenner is a Jane of all trades. From her strategic makeup skills to her very own Kylie Kouture hair extension line, Kylie literally can do no wrong when it comes to beauty. There's one thing people have been overlooking, though...


Here's the undeniable proof that Kylie Jenner's nail game is the fleekest, strongest, and best out there.

1. They're like jewelry for her steering wheel.

2. They always steal the spotlight.

4. Kylie's nails are more than just nails, they're something she bonds with family over.

6. What kind of magic is this?

8. When Kylie is feeling shy, she can always rely on her sick nasty manicure to save her.

9. Once again, more than just nails.

12. Even her nails eat well.

13. They match her whole look.

14. The root of every manicure is love, obviously.

16. They help her draw inspiration for her books.

18. The most famous nails in all the land.

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