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How Addicted To Coffee Are You?

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  1. 1. Check off all that apply...

    How addicted to coffee are you?

    You drink it first thing in the morning.
    Sometimes, without eating breakfast.
    If someone asks you to go get some and you already have a cup, you'll go anyway.
    You will get a splitting headache if you don't have it before 11 a.m.
    One time you visited your boyfriend and found out his family didn't drink coffee so you considered breaking up with him.
    You decided not to break up with him after your second cup.
    You got more than 2 gift cards to coffee places for your birthday.
    When you make plans you plan around coffee.
    You refuse to drink office coffee so you bought yourself a Keurig that only you use.
    A new coffee place opened near your apartment and you were the first person there.
    Your friends won't ask to hang out with you unless you've had your coffee.
    You thought about stealing coffee somehow when you were broke and couldn't afford it.
    You drink your second cup of the day when no one is around because you know they'll judge you.
    You get a venti even if you can't drink it all.
    You can drink coffee before bed and still fall asleep.
    You won't date someone who doesn't drink it.
    You called your professor a bitch by accident once because you didn't have a coffee before your first class.
    You've calculated how much you spend on coffee per month and it's close to the cost of a car.
    You drink iced in February.
    You think a red eye is for wussies.
    Your breath constantly smells like coffee.
    You'll pair coffee with anything. Salad, vodka, more coffee...
    You have a tattoo dedicated to it...
    Somewhere on your social media pages are the words "addicted" "overly caffeinated" or "coffee."
    You legitamately cried once when your family decided not to stop for it before driving you back to college.
    You force people to pull over if you see a Starbucks or DD.
    Your heart has skipped a beat after you drank a coffee and you've been ok with it.
    You rationalize your coffee intake with quotes like "It fights degenerative diseases in your brain."
    Your all-time favorite line to use when some bitch asks you about why you drink so much coffee is "It just helps me."
    Your clothes are covered in it and you love it cause everyone knows you're a slave to the caffeine.
    You drink coffee hungover and you don't care if it doesn't stay down.

How Addicted To Coffee Are You?

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