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Everything That Will Happen When You Work In An Office

"Did you fax over that report?"

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1. At times, you might find yourself a little bit bored.

2. Or unable to get into work at all.

3. You'll feel the need to stand out.

4. You will be the last one out at one point or another.

5. Work breaks become more about fun than anything else.

6. You'll have no choice but to become a dog person.

7. No, really, there's always a dog.

8. Taking stealth selfies will be at the top of your resume.

9. Right up there with celebrating small victories.

10. You will drink so much coffee that you will turn into a mariachi singer.

11. You'll begin to see inspiration everywhere you look.

12. You may show your true colors, but who hasn't?

Zero to a hunnit real quick.

14. You'll learn that the office cat gives zero fucks about your quarterly report.

15. This will be lunch somedays.

16. You'll have more friends than you ever have before.

17. The bathroom will become your safe haven, and photo studio.


18. There's a 50% chance your boss is MUCH younger than you.

20. Your problem solving skills will skyrocket.

21. Just like home, you can make anywhere feel like your office.

22. But above all else, you will learn how to thrive.

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