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    Elton John Says Lady Gaga Is Working On Music That Sounds Like Her Old Stuff

    "I’ve heard two songs, which are killer. They’re just great songs, it’s like back to the early stuff of hers."

    Get excited, Little Monsters! Lady Gaga is going back to her roots — at least that’s what Elton John says.

    Kevin Kane / Getty Images

    In an interview with Apple Music Beats 1, Elton said he's heard two songs from Gaga's upcoming album and thinks they're "killer." "They're just great songs," he explained, "it's like back to the early stuff of hers like 'You and I' and the Bruce Springsteen one — as I always call it — 'Bad Romance.'"

    Michael Kovac / Getty Images

    And if you think this is just empty praise from a dear friend, you should know that Sir Elton wasn’t a fan of ARTPOP either.

    Elton offered his two cents on LG's last record, ARTPOP, saying "ARTPOP was not a good idea. It was not a good album. I think she will admit that."

    The fanbase right now.


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