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33 Reasons We Will Always Live For Britney Spears

Happy 33rd birthday, Britney!

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1. She finds the best in everything.

2. She looks like this right now.

4. She's proud of her accomplishments.

Getty Images

5. She's not afraid to take chances.

FilmMagic / Chris Polk

6. Everything looks good on Britney.

WireImage / Jeffrey Mayer

8. She's not afraid of anything.

WireImage / KMazur

9. She is multitalented.

Getty Images / Archive Photos

10. She makes the best of any situation.

The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Time & Life Pictures

11. The fame doesn't phase her.

The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Time & Life Pictures

12. She is literally the only human being alive who could pull this off so well.

WireImage Dimitrios Kambouris

13. And this.

Getty Images / Vinnie Zuffante

14. She loves her kids.

WireImage / Gregg DeGuire

15. No one else has ever looked like this and ever will again.

WireImage / Ron Wolfson


16. She loves everyone.

Carson Daly has black nails in this picture.
WireImage / Kevin.Mazur

Carson Daly has black nails in this picture.

17. Everyone.

FilmMagic / Jeff Kravitz

18. She's all about comfort.

FilmMagic / Neil P. Mockford

19. She's undeniably funny.

21. She's up front about who she wants to collaborate with.

22. Her sense of humor is actually unrivaled.

23. She just knows when things are funny.

25. She's one of the hardest working performers out there.

26. She isn't afraid to be herself.

27. She hangs out with her dancers.

29. She knows a good Instagram opportunity when she sees it.

30. See.

Jk, Instagram wasn't invented.
WireImage / Kevin Mazur

Jk, Instagram wasn't invented.

31. This.

WireImage / Jean-Paul Aussenard

32. Come on.

Getty Images / Scott Gries

33. But above all else, she's just like us!



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