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22 Times Wiz Khalifa Was The King Of Weed On Instagram

*Plays "Roll Up"*

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1. When he smoked weed in an Uber.

The caption says Uber, anyway.

2. When he proved to us that he leaves nothing behind.

3. When he immortalized his love for weed in this art imitates life moment.

4. When he lit up to Ashford And Simpson's "Solid As A Rock."

5. When he smoked this weed and figured out who he actually was.

6. When he smoked in this beautiful bathroom with fresh linens and towels.

So fresh & so clean.

7. When he let everyone know that he was still here.

Thank God.

8. When he was so generous and smoked while letting us know he wanted to groove with us.

9. When he may or may not have smoked, but still let us know that snow is real and LA doesn't get it.

10. When he posted this artsy pic of him smoking and counting his well-earned money.

11. When he wished us a happy New Year.

12. When he told us all other drugs are corny, that he loves to sleep and eat fruit, and that he doesn't want your company if you don't want champagne in your eye.

S A M E.

13. When he let us know that weed is for all seasons.

16. When he showed his patriotism.

17. When he proved to us that he has a crop like no other.

18. When he had a Ninja Turtle chain.

19. When he confessed that he used to kiss Santa, but this year, he's kissing our moms.

Not even mad.

20. When he posted this intimate photo and let the world in.

21. When he gave us the first look at his purple hair.

22. And of course, the time he proved to everyone that he could see in the dark with sunglasses on and STILL text.


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