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23 Secrets Barnes And Noble Employees Will Never Tell You

Fifty percent off Starbucks is a beautiful thing.

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1. Everyone has a work BFF that makes even the longest shifts worth it.

Barnes and noble cafe!!! #starbucksbff #bnbff

2. You've found Fifty Shades in/around/near the bathroom before and thrown it directly in the garbage.

Reading fifty shades of grey with Grace in the children's section of Barnes and Noble...#noshame

No seriously, you don't use the bathroom in your own workplace.

No joke, a man just "serviced himself" in the stall next to me in Barnes and Noble. Anybody know a good therapist?

3. You will leave Twilight in nonfiction. Not moving it.



4. Actually, you don't need to know a lot about books to work at BN.

#barnesandnoble employee didn't know what fiction meant just now


8. You have at least one of these in your house.

So, would it be rude to attach this to a string and wear it around my neck? #barnesandnoble #bookstorefinds


12. You have gone to work hungover before and napped in the back room.

13. You do not want anyone in the store until you have had your coffee first.

Okay though fuck everyone who comes into Barnes and Noble at 9:45 like "I need thirteen cookies and four frappacinos" Literally I hate u

14. Your employee discount works (sometimes) long after you've have left the company.

Just realized my Barnes and Noble employee discount still works 😁

*Buys most expensive thing in the store*


16. You can't yell at these couples for making out in the book aisles.

Not sure how to spend your Friday night? Just make out next to the windows in Barnes and Noble!

Instead: "How may I help you!?"

17. This is a lie.

@PointlessBlog went to my Barnes and noble to find The Pointless Book but it was out of stock! #ThePointlessBook

18. If you sell more than three of these in a shift you will never be fired.

I finally got a barnes and noble member card

19. The bathroom stalls are full of things like this from ~up-and-coming young writers~.

Best bathroom graffiti I have seen in a long time!! @barnesandnoble in #Philly


20. Story time is not fun. No matter what your manager tells you.

This is what I get to do at work! #barnesandnoble #storytime

21. You've definitely stalked a cute customer at least once.


22. Working in the back is an opportunity to take selfies and text.

At work today, in a labyrinth of boxes. #workflow #working #books #barnesandnoble #selfie

23. And through the ups and downs, you'll meet some of the best people you could ever meet, and they'll turn into lifelong friends.

DC Comics days at work :) #bncostumecontest #getpopcultured #BarnesandNoble