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16 Excuses For Not Going Out Tonight

"My week was literally SO long."

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1. You want to stay home and drink your expensive tea for those "nights in."

60 Minutes

2. You bought a new expensive ass couch and you NEED to enjoy money well spent.

3. You're literally just so tired of going out.


4. There's 15% off Seamless tonight and tonight ONLY.

5. It's been a while since you wore your headgear and let your skin just breathe.


6. You want to use the rest of milk before it expires at midnight.

7. You went out last night anyway.

8. And it escalated quickly.

9. Because of that... Friday was rough.

10. Honestly.

11. And you don't need ANOTHER hangover tomorrow.

12. You just want to chill out in sweats.

This is valid.

13. Your boyfriend asked you to stay in and gave you THAT look.

14. It's raining.

15. And You have nothing to wear.

16. OK but actually this is the only reason you're staying in tonight.


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