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15 Things People Waiting For Lady Gaga’s New Album Know To Be True

...Pls Gaga release #LG5.

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2. They get creative to pass the time.

Currently like this......... Listening to all the era's while waiting for LG5 #MTVHottest Lady Gaga

3. Eating and sleeping is pretty much the only thing Monsters will do until the next era.


4. They know what this feels like.

Me waiting for @ladygaga to tweet the link to #LG5

5. Basically...

Waiting for Gaga's new album like… #LadyGaga #LG5

7. The receipts.

The world is ready for the new album, are you @ladygaga? #ExcitedForGagasNextAlbum


9. Honestly even a rumored tracklist will get fans excited.

Apparently the next Lady Gaga album is titled, "Eden" and scheduled to release early December this year.

11. They spend incredible amounts of time on excellent fan art.


12. They have psychic abilities when it comes to how Gaga's new music will perform.

Actual footage totally undoctored.

13. They secretly pray for another charts battle like this.

14. Every. Time.

Me when the chorus of Applause starts

15. Maybe a new tattoo will breathe #LG5 into existence?

Actually SO in love with my new tattoo!😍💖 @ladygaga #LadyGaga #paparazzi #thefame #LittleMonster #tattoo #gagatattoo