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Foo Fighters Form SuperDUPER Group And Once Again Prove They Are The Legends Of Rock!!!

Put Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin and Queen in a room what do you get?

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The music world has once again been hit with Dave Grohl awesomeness, proving once again he is legit the coolest rockstar in the world.

Whilst self-proclaimed biggest rock-star in the world Kanye was tending to newly self-appointed Presidential duties, Foo Fighters have been making waves all over social media doing what they do best... entertaining.

Very excited for my newest project. Forming a "supergroup" with Zeppelin's John paul jones and queen of the stone age's Josh homme.

Via @foofightersdave

Still nursing a broken leg, Grohl introduces his newly formed superDUPER group with John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) on keys, and Roger Taylor (Queen) on drums.

And what better song to get the crowd pumping than Queen and David Bowie's hit 'Under Pressure'

View this video on YouTube / Via Consequence of Sound

So as Grohl sits upon his throne of rock, lets see Kanye try and out rock this absolute legend.

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