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Apple Event 6Sess Or iFailure?

Let's just take a quick look at the latest Apple Products, and really see what they have to offer.

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Firstly, hello to two new iPhones

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With almost identical appearance to the previous years iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus editions, what really does this phone have to offer us? Stronger aluminium (about time), new stronger glass screen (about time), also the phones will have a new type of screen technology called 3D touch, which incorporates both multi-touch and Force Touch. This means it can detect gestures and open new menus based on how hard you press the display. So, if you press lightly it will do one thing, and if you press harder it will do something else (sounds awfully phallic if you ask me).

Affordability hmmmmmmmm

I mean, I know that Apple doesn't really cater to the budget market, but the price of these things are getting ridiculous. Priced from $1079 you can either get your hands on this latest piece of sweet Apple Ass, orrrrrr fly to South America, start paying off your student loans, or grab a down payment on a wedding ring.

Now, don't forget about your pencil too!

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Steve Jobs once said something along the lines of 'we don't need a stylus because we use a stylus which every human is born with... your finger'

I mean you've already spent $1079 on the iPhone why not grab a $99 pencil too? I tell you what I'll just pop into Officeworks and grab 99 of your finest Staedtler HB pencils and probably get more use out of them...

Just went and bought myself $99 worth of Staedtler HB Lead pencils Probably will still last longer than Apple Care #AppleEvent @STAEMars

I mean, even Edward Scissor could navigate himself around one of these iPhones.

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But the price BONANZA doesn't stop there... why not grab yourself an Apple TV for a mere $149 - $200.

Key AppleTV stats. It's a little more expensive than the old one. #AppleEvent

Now finally equipped with the technology to do what it was actually meant to do about 5 years ago, we see a focus on Apps and the integration of Siri to Apple TV.

Don't even consider getting the humble $49 Google Chromecast which works with just about any phone, computer, tablet, app, answering machine, typewriter, walkie-talkie or tape recorder in the world! If it doesn't have an Apple on it, it ain't worth it!

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And we dare not forget about the new iPad Pro, now you can carry around your TV sized iPad with you... yay for tourists!

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Weighing in at $799US and with a screen size of 12.9 inches your parents will be sure to stand out even more as they snap away on vacation.

  1. So rapid consumers of the world, was the Apple Event a 6Sess or iFailure???

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So rapid consumers of the world, was the Apple Event a 6Sess or iFailure???
  1. 6Sess
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  2. iFailure
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For those in love enjoy ignorance, for those with a brain... enjoy.

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